Hosting and Data Processing

Why GET-Script Hosting?

We created GET-Script after looking around for too long for a hosting solution that met our needs at a reasonable cost with the support for our custom projects. GET-Script offers hosting for specific purposes with implementation of coding languages to accommodate a wide range of needs. We tailor our servers to run your code with web and data handling done in javascript and python. If you're looking to run anything from a data collection service to a minecraft server or even a simple website, we can host it. We setup custom software for each of our clients because we understand your project is unique and recognize the importance of being able to host whatever you want.

Our Services:

Our services are a by-product of projects we've made along the way although we do aim to create specific services in the future. Currently, our services include proxy lists, website checkers, IP checkers and soon to come, link shorteners. Although we aim to provide all services for free, we intend to create subscription programs which can automatically export values to txt files for use in your projects. If you have any suggestions for services you would like to see or that would help you and others in projects, please let us know by emailing